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Each program is an integrated and customized combination of diet plans, recipes and products that specifically relate to your needs and lifestyle. Everything you need will be thought of, even down to your snacks.

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Our menus include a large selection of healthy nutritious meals.

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Frequently asked questions

Your meals will be more personalized at the clinic since our expert dietitians and nutritionists can design the programs according to your body requirements, special dietetic needs, or simply your taste preferences.

Our meals are available in the shops to sample before enrollment, or you can try the 7 day program as a start to check the variety.

Absolutely yes! Just give us a heads-up upon registration or 72 hrs before.

We can deliver to different addresses with a 72 hr notice.

With a 72 hr notice, we can deliver to any city we’re available in.

Yes, if you have an account with SAMBA Bank.

We have offers on our Full Smart program when you enroll for two, three or 6 months.

If the order is to the same address, the delivery cost is charged only once.