Benefits of choosing Diet Center


Brand Expertise
  • Diet Center is the Leading Healthy Nutrition provider since 1990.
  • Diet Center is regionally present across the middle east .
  • A Holistic Corporate catering and Online delivery service. Nutritional approach: Diet Center business scope includes Clinics, shops, Healthcare catering.
  • Strict food safety and quality measurement: Diet center is ISO22000 and CIBAHI certified.
  • Diet Center follows the American deictic and American heart association guidelines.
360 Programs
  • Smart program: a program designed for conscious healthy nutrition customers seeking calorie controlled meals.
  • Customized Smart : a healthy nutrition meal plan developed for customers with specific taste preferences or food allergies.
  • Tailored therapeutic program: a diet plan for customers with a specific medical condition.
  • Life style programs includes:
  • Detox: a program to cleanse the body from free radicals, boost immunity and improve digestion.
  • Go flat: a program designed for customers aiming to shrink the waste and decrease the fat around the internal organs.
  • High protein: a program rich in protein the program plays a key role in muscle growth, repair and post-exercise recovery.
  • Highly qualified team of dietitians.
  • Strong presence, 65 shops across the kingdom.
  • Direct delivery service.
  • Dedicated customer care team.
  • Track record of results via consultation follow up.
  • Customers testimonials.