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Diet center created a well-planned, nutritious diet that meets most of the athletes’ or the dedicated daily exercises
vitamins and minerals needs and provides enough protein to promote muscle growth and repair.
Our new meal plan menu is rich in complex carbohydrates, high-value protein, and unsaturated fat to ensure your good

Featured Program


A fabulous diet plan that is designed for people who suffer from belly fat and bloating. A – 20 Day Go Flat will soothe and shrink your belly and make you feel lighter and slimmer.

Featured Program


A keto diet is a high-fat, moderate-protein and low-carb diet. It primarily works by lowering insulin levels, producing ketones and increasing fat burning. With Keto Diet, you will reduce calorie intake and increase feelings of fullness.

Featured Program


Our Smart Program targets people looking for a healthy lifestyle, who like to eat healthy and delicious calorie-controlled meals. The program’s flexibility and menu choices are designed to meet all your preferences as you can select from our daily “à la carte” menu, to satisfy your personal taste.

Download the new app (Dietcenter KSA) to enjoy a better subscription experience with additional features for your convenience.

Give Taste to Diet with Our New Smart Program Menu

Introducing 75 new menu items offering variety of choice to cater to all customers taste preferences.

Smart program is the ideal solution for delicious nutritionally balanced calorie controlled meals at your convivence.

Our Smart program includes 4 sub menus:

  • Smart full suitable to all family members, a complete full day offering.
  • Smart Lunch and Dinner
  • Smart Lunch the ultimate choice to professional with the complete lunch offering.
  • Smart Breakfast and Lunch

Employees and Customers’ Safety is our top priority

We ensure to implement the highest standards of hygiene, food safety & quality.

Diet Center is ISO 22000:2018 & CBAHI certified.

Nutrition Is Vital For Good Health

We are committed to achieving your health, weight, and wellness goals. At the Nutrition and Diet Center, we’re here to listen, understand, and get down to your specific body needs to design the right solution for you.

We promise to deliver personalized programs for measurable and sustainable results.

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Why Athletes Choose Us

Athletes and body builders aim to pursue their personal goals with our “High Protein Program” that plays a key role in muscle growth and post-exercise recovery.



“My weight was 95 Kg and now I am 74 Kg … Diet center offers you the best healthy choice to suit your lifestyle. Instead of choosing randomly, choose the healthy side of life at Diet Center”


“I subscribed to the keto diet program and it helped me lose weight after which I renewed my subscription again for 14 days until I reached the ideal weight I was aiming for, in which I lost 8 Kg”


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