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Three (3) main meals with two (2) salads or soup, including a dessert with choice of juice or fruit.

Available plans for 7, 14, 21, 28, 56, 84 and 168 days

An ideal option for anyone looking for a complete healthy eating program that is practical & calorie controlled. We give you the opportunity to choose between 1200 Calories, 1500 Calories, or for a small additional fees seek the professional advice of our dietitians to place the calories needed.

The Program is also available as part of the treatment of a medical condition and is normally prescribed by a Physician and planned by our Registered Dietitian at the clinics.

The Dietitian will modify your caloric intake and adjust your meals based on your medical condition and health status to control the disease and limit its complications; in addition to the educational part on better controlling your disease and encouraging you to exercise and follow a healthy life-style.

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